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The Opportune Times
June 2008 / Edition #1


For more than 30 years, Thorek/Scott and Partners, a leading boutique executive search firm, has successfully placed highly qualified professionals into top tier organizations across Canada and around the globe.

Although many of our competitors view the search process as a transaction, we at Thorek/Scott and Partners have learned that matching talented individuals with appropriate, and ultimately rewarding positions, requires more than simply pairing skills with vacancies.

Our thorough interviews of both clients and candidates allow us to match the ideal individual with the perfect opportunity, time and again.

We do not simply fill positions; we form long-term relationships between candidates, clients, and ourselves.

With this in mind, we are very proud to introduce yet another element of support to our candidates and clients: our very own bulletin,The Opportune Times. Each edition will provide you with valuable information from the world of executive recruitment. From market watches and trends to current searches and advice from our expert recruiters, we hope that The Opportune Times will become a valuable resource for you.


Thorek/Scott and Partners

Ask the expert
Thirty-six years ago, Brooklyn natives, Faye and Michael Thorek moved to Toronto. Through chance, persistence, and a misguided creperie adventure, they started up Thorek/Scott and Partners, one of Toronto's most prestigious executive recruitment firms.

Looking back at three decades of work, Faye and Michael told us about their origins, values, the importance of listening, and how the essentials of good recruiting have remained the same over time.
checkmark Four Questions with Faye and Michael Thorek- Principals, Thorek/Scott and Partners

Tell us how Thorek/Scott and Partners got started?

Michael: Faye had come to U of T to go to graduate school, and I was looking for jobs here while she studied. "Well," a headhunter told me, "we don't have anything right now, but you have a nice manner about you. Why don't you try getting on the phone and making some calls for us?" He basically recruited me into his position. When Faye graduated, I gave her my job and left to start up a crepe restaurant in Yorkville with a friend. He was a Palestinian Arab and I was a Jew from Brooklyn, and we knew nothing about French food. Perfect! Well, it didn't last, but we had a blast and remain best friends.

Faye: I loved the work. What I enjoyed, and continue to enjoy most, is that recruiting is about the human story. Because I was interested in people's stories, they opened up to me and still do.

Michael: After a few years of working separately, we joined forces in 1984 and started Thorek/Scott and Partners. This was just as the foreign banking boom hit Canada. We staffed the banks from top to bottom. A lot of the people we placed in those positions in the 1980's are our clients today. They're the backbone of this business.

How has executive recruiting changed over the years?

Michael: Even with the advances in technology, recruiting remains the same. All our searches start by asking our clients the key question: What is it that you need? This question helps us figure out what will make them successful. With candidates, it is different. We have to understand the technicalities of different positions, yes, but most importantly, we have to ask the right questions to make sure the fit is right. We're often working with someone going through a career transition, which can be a difficult experience. Technology hasn't altered that at all. We're still the glue between people.

Faye: These days we see more candidates coming in for positions we've posted. People are curious and they are always looking. But essentially we are still connecting people to opportunities.

What values make Thorek/Scott and Partners unique?

Faye: I think we're intellectually curious. We're creative and have a streak of independence. Ultimately, we're committed to the betterment of people. Our recruiters have diverse backgrounds and personal histories and they use those to connect with others. Also, we continue to have an enthusiasm for the work. All of our recruiters are proactive and resourceful. We don't frustrate easily.

Michael: We've never strong-armed someone into a job just to get a fee. Our motto is always, "does it make sense for that person or that company?" because they are our priority. Thorek/Scott and Partners is a team environment. Over the years, we have recruited professionals to work with us who share the same values and ethics about the search process that we do. Our firm is about so much more than just Faye and me. We are all constantly honing our trade together, young and old; I couldn't be more optimistic about our future.

What keeps you interested in the business after all these years?

Michael: The intellectual challenge of each search is what keeps me very interested in this work.

Faye: Every day we learn something new from the people we meet. We've had experiences and also losses, and that human element is the core of our business. I think we've made a difference in people's lives, they can count on us and they've made a difference in our lives.

If you were ever placed by Thorek/Scott and Partners, share your memory and we'll feature it one of our future newsletters.